Christoph Köchy - President of the German Socca FederationChristoph Köchy -


Christoph Köchy - President of the German Socca FederationChristoph Köchy -

08 maja 2023, 17:29

Chris is one of the socca-crazy people like us. We had the opportunity to meet him for the first time in Lisbon in 2018. A volcano man behind the microphone and, on top of that, someone who loves socca as much as we do.

He had a goal to organise the World Cup in Germany and he has already succeeded in this. Knowing German precision, we are convinced that the World Cup in Essen will be special.

We invite you to an interview with Christoph Köchy - President of the German Socca Federation

Przemyslaw Kaczmarek:.What inspired you to bid for the socca world championships ?

Christoph Kochy:Since the moment I saw the wonderful stadium in Crete 2013 I wanted to organize the tournament in Germany. It is a ten year dream that will come true very soon.

Why Essen? Were other cities also in the running for the organisation?

We spoke with many cities, yes. But Essen had the best full package with the square in the center and the huge frequency of visitors to the city. Also the heart of football beats in the Rhine Ruhr area.

What were the biggest challenges during the preparations for the World Championships?

Is everything under control one month before the tournament? To build the stadium in such a central place is a huge challenge. Fortunately Julia Colter had great experience already and together with Thanos Papadopoulos and Michalis Vizirakis the team will deliver something very special.

What are the attendance expectations for the World Cup and what measures have been taken to increase fan interest?

First and foremost the location is key here. About 50.000 people visit the center every day and we try to get them to the matches.

Is the tournament of great interest to the German socca community?

Yes, sure. Many players from our leagues are looking forward and will visit the stadium.

How many people play Socca in Germany?
We have about 60.000 players in the different competitions.

Is the 2023 National Team the strongest it has ever been?

I really hope it is. But who knows? Socca evolves every year and you cannot predict what will happen...

Can you tell if there will be any super attractions?

We will have famous singers and legends in the stadium, for sure it will be more than just a socca tournament.

Have any German socca players from the big field become World Cup Ambassadors?

You have to wait a little more, it will be a surprise.

Due to the huge amount of responsibilities at the Championships, will you also commentate on the German team's matches?

Most certainly not. I will miss it but it will be impossible I think. My colleague Christian will shout for me. 2024 I will be back at the microphone.

What would you like to say to Polish socca fans before this tournament?

You mention the defeat in the medal match in Budapest.

I really think that it is time to do the final step and get that gold medal. The team is experienced and Klaudiusz is ready to take them to the top. Of course the German team will do everything they can to stop that happenening but again - who knows! Brazil and Kazachstan are the other favorites, I believe.